{trendy or trashy}

One thing that I love about fashion is that it is always pushing barriers and challenging the norm. One thing that I hate about it - sometimes designers, in their quest to be different, produce items that are too fashion-forward, too trendy and too innovative. I know, it doesn't seem possible right? After all, the fashion industry is a business that is built on originality. 

Prada's 2012 Spring Shoe Collection is {in my opinion} an example of pushing the fashion limits too far. I will most definitely give the Prada Team an A+ for creativity, but unfortunately I think that that their 1950's car inspired stilettos are seriously ugly. Maybe it's that they are too costume oriented, too radical and a little cheap looking for me. Either way, I am just not into them. For a girl who is a loyal Prada aficionado, it is hard for me to say that I dislike anything that they produce. But yes, this may be my exception. 

That's the thing about fashion, everyone has their own opinion and what works for one person may not work for another. 

So what do you think - trendy or trashy? My votes is cast.


  1. Trashy!
    Great posting, Lesley.