{obsessed: rough-cut rings}

For all of those who know me, you are well aware of my obsession with beautiful, eye-catching and ultimately unique statement jewelry.

So when I stumbled across the magical work of Australian jewelry label Billy Bride, I could barely contain myself. Each of these rings are handcrafted using the highest quality of materials and no two stones are alike. The more imperfect the ring, the more perfect it looks to me. The super edgy, rough-cut design is totally my thing mostly because they stand out in a sea of boring baubles. 

Starting at $300, these rings are not likely something you just leisurely pick-up, but {in my opinion} they are totally worth their price tag! 


Photo Cred: Billy Bride


  1. If you like rough-cut stones, you might love this company: http://www.diamondintherough.com/

  2. Omg Casey...I love Diamond In The Rough! One my close friends has one as her engagement ring and I totally LOVE it!