Here's To 2014!

Happy 2014 to all my clients, friends, family and followers!

2013 was my best year yet both professionally and personally. 
A growing business. A new baby.  A new house.  I’m am very blessed.

I rolled in New Years with amazing friends and family whom I adore. Truthfully, I could not have asked for anything better. I cannot wait to see the challenges and triumphs that this upcoming year is going to bring me. With work getting busier and busier (and my newborn son occupying the other half of my time :)) my ability to post will be more sporadic and less consistent. Do remember though, to tune in to my Weekly Deals and check out my new posts on fashion inspiration and styling tips.  Though they will be posted less often, I will undoubtably still be sharing my passion through this blog as often as I can!

I look forward to a bustling and fun 2014, full of fashion, friends and fun times – what could be better than that!

Les xo 

1. Sequined ZARA Blazer
2. Marcia Moran Druzy Stud Earrings
3. Paige Skyline Denim 
4. Jimmy Choo Black Leather Shoes
5. Hermes Black & Gold "Pavane" Bracelet
6. Joie Black Silk Tank
7. Nars "Future Red" Lipstick

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