Monday Mani

Yep, Monday is upon us! Quite possibly the most hated day of the week. Were all back to the busy grind, still recovering from a hectic weekend and looking ahead at the craziness of the week can be a daunting task in itself. 

One thing I have found to spice up my otherwise monotonous Monday routine to indulge in a Monday Mani. Yes, you heard me right – treating yourself to a 10 minute manicure over lunch, bringing your polish to work or spending some time after a busy day at the office to indulge in a spa mani is what I’m talking about. I know it doesn’t seem high on the agenda for the day, but lets be honest your nails from the weekend are most definitely chipped (if your anything like me) and what better way to start of your week then with beautifully polished nails.

Below is a picture of my Monday Mani. This week I’m trying out the “accent nail” trend which entails having one of your nails painted a different colour or texture than the rest. I’m not one for nail art, but I’m loving the both the accent and ombre nail looks that are super hot right now.

Here are some cool looks that may inspire you to take part in a Monday Mani routine as well.

Have a good week friends!

Les xo 

My Monday Mani: 

Some Polished Looks I'm Loving Right Now: 

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