Hippie Hair

For those of you that think a headband is only to be worn when deep cleansing your face at night, think again! This spring, it’s all about headbands – sparkly, cloth and braided, these gems are sure to rescue you from your own bad hair day.

The latest incarnation of unique hair wear for spring is the hippie headband. Perfect to pair over soft curls, these sparkling bands are a refreshing take on the retro headgear from the 60’s.

Below are some of my favourite hippie headband looks. For a girl that is lazy (in the hair department) or craving a little bling in their look, these headbands are the perfect go-to...Give it a try! 

Les xo

My take on the hippie headband look: 

Headband: Deepa Gurnani

Here is how some very stylish ladies are rocking the trend: 

Photos: +via

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