{get your red on}

I know, I know, people say it's a "hallmark holiday", a "cliche" and I somewhat agree... Nonetheless, there is something that I still absolutely love about the most romantic day of the year - Valentine's Day!

Maybe because it's another great excuse to receive beautiful flowers from your husband {yes he's a keeper}, indulge in eating chocolate guilt-free all day long {ohhh my stomach} or because you get to dress up in your best red attire and head out for a romantic dinner {woo hoo}. Either way, it's a great day to express your love for all those around you.

As an homage to this LOVE inspired day, I found some fabulously hot red looks for all of you to enjoy.

Happy Valentine's Day Friends!

photo cred: design chic

photo cred: murray mitchell

photo cred: allure

photo cred: design chic
photo cred: design chic

photo cred: trendy girls fashion 

photo cred: new clothing

photo cred: runway 365

photo cred: a beautiful mess

photo cred: pinterest

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