Jumping For Jumpsuits!

Jumpsuits have been all the rage this summer. If you open up any major mag you will see various celebs gracing the pages wearing these one-piece ensembles. As fashion forward as these items can be, they can also be a fashion disaster. Here is my list of Do’s & Don’ts when it comes to jumpsuits.

1.   Consider Pairing It With A Jacket.

If you are new to jumpsuits, try adding a blazer or jacket to your look. This will give the jumpsuit a more sophisticated appeal and keep you looking classy rather than trashy.

2. Stay With Neutral Colours.

By staying with black or basic patterns, it will prevent the jumpsuit from taking over your body. It is important to let the jumpsuit be the showcase rather than a flashy textile or bold colour.


1.   Wear Your Jumpsuit Super Tight.

Yes, “staying alive” was a hit in the 60’s, but to stay current make sure to purchase a loose fitting fabric when selecting your jumpsuit of choice.

2.   Pair Your Jumpsuit With Ballet Flats.

Although ballet flats are super comfortable, be aware when pairing them with a jumpsuit. The added height of high heels or bootie will give you a boost and prevent you from getting an overall frumpy look.

Keeping these do's & do not's in mind, here are some inspirational looks to get you jumpsuit inspired:  

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