Leopard Affair...

One of the easiest and quickest ways to add a dash of personality to your outfit is to mix in a pair of leopard print shoes. They are fun, flirty and will bring a hint of sexiness to any of your ensembles. Yes it is true that leopard prints do not go with everything, however with the right outfit and colours, you will be sure to get huge drama by wearing these puppies on your feet.

Tips To Wear Leopard Print Shoes:

1) Mix with monochromatic tones. Think black, white or cream. Yes this is the safe route to go, however, it will ensure that the shoes standout and don’t compete with any other colours in your outfit. 

      2)  Avoid wearing with other loud prints. Yes, we have all seen this done perfectly right and dreadfully wrong. Some fashion daredevils have pulled off an awesome mixture of pairing leopard print and other bold patterns together. However, not everyone has this same talent for mixing and matching. To prevent a fashion mishap, it is best to minimize the number of prints that your wearing with your leopard loves. Opt away from a competing print that will make you look more like your in the jungle that a fashion expert.

Les xo 

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