Get Taylor'ed!

There is nothing quite like a pair of “Chucks”. They are a comfortable and timeless shoe that have enjoyed unprecedented success and are instantaneously recognizable by either sight or name.

“Chucks” have made a lasting style impression on just about every generation since their inception. The simple canvas shoes with a somewhat pedestrian design, has dominated the footwear scene and envolved in to a fashion forward sneaker worn by both men and women.

Let’s face it; “Chucks” can be made to go with just about anything in your wardrobe. From jeans and a tee, to a long maxi skirt, to a pair of leather pant, the options are truly endless. The shoes can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on what you decide to pair them with in your closet. 

So what has made Chuck Taylors stand the test of time? They have the ability to adapt and appeal to all wearers, regardless of age, style or income level.

Look at how some of these fashionable ladies are wearing their “Chucks” in both a dressy and laid back fashion.

Happy Monday Friends!

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