In The Clear

From the handbags of Chanel to the Plexiglas heels at Micheal Kors, it is safe to say that clear accessories are having a fashion moment. While I’m not really on board with this trend, there are definitely those that love the bear-all craze.

For a girl who literally throws everything in to her handbag, I can’t imagine everyone being able to see the contents of my disorganized bag. However, in the interior design world, I am loving the tranclusent chairs that are being incorporated in to modern spaces.

Below I have rounded up some show-all-you’ve-got looks for Spring 2013.

Are you on-board with the clear trend?  

Les xo

The Clear Trend

Christian Louboutin

Add Translucent Chairs To Modernize Your Space


Clear Knee High Boots / Boxy Handbag

Lucite Cuff

See-Through Clutches

Spring 2013 Runway Clear Pieces


Modern Day Desk Chair

Micheal Kors

Hermes, Prada & Chanel

photos via: shefinds.com, style.com, ouchmagazine.com, pintrest 

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