Rent Your... Nail Polish?

Yes, now a days you can pretty much rend anything – movies, jewelry, bikes, cars, dresses…but who knew you could rent nail polish?

Yesterday, Lacquerous.com officially launched their luxury nail polish rental service, serving individuals all over the USA.

For $18/month (the price of one bottle these days), you will receive your choice of 3 on-trend nail lacquers including brands like Chanel, Tom Ford, Butter or LONDON, etc. And when you are done, you just return the polishes with a pre-paid envelope. As soon as Lacquerous gets your return, they ship out your next selection for delivery.

For a girl that is terrible (and I mean terrible) at painting my own nails this service doesn’t really suit my needs. However, maybe some of you beauty buffs out there would be interested in trying a variety of the latest polishes without committing to purchase them first.

If your in the market, sign up & give it a try! 

Les xo

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