Shoppable Music Video... Say What?!

Have you ever watched a music video and then wished you could instantly buy what someone in it was wearing? Well now you can!

Thanks to Montreal-based etailer SSENSE and some savvy technology you can now instantly purchase the looks that were seen on the artists performing in a video. The song “I Think She Ready”, starring Australian female rapper Iggy Azalea, buzzy hip-hop singer Diplo and FKi - is now the first ever shoppable video on the market. Crazy right?! 

So how does the technology work you ask? According to a SSENSE, “S” icons repeatedly appear throughout the song and if the consumer likes what they see, they can click on the icon and view the fashion behind the performer. By pressing on the "S" symbols, it will pause the video and pull up a page showcasing all of the products that artist is wearing  {in this case, mostly merchandise from high-end designers including Givenchy, Preen, Phillip Lim and Christopher Kane}. If they want to purchase the items: they just add them to their basket and then proceed to the final transaction page. Voila! Within 30 seconds, the customer has a new Preen blazer and Alexander Wang sunglasses.

With music videos becoming more of an Internet thing and less of a television thing, do you see shoppable music videos becoming a trend or just staying as a cool fad? My vote is for the latter. What are your thoughts? 

Click below to watch the video {oh and shop of course}. 

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