I must admit, I am not a fan of the current wedge sneaker trend. As a fellow shoe-lover, I believe high heels and sneakers should be in two very distinct and separate families. However, apparently the fashion gods are not on my side with this one. Wedge sneakers are selling out like hot cakes and are being lauded as spring's hottest footwear.

While picking up some phenomenal finds for my clients this week, I couldn't help but notice that this style was everywhere in sight. From Marc Jacobs and Jeffrey Campbell to Isabel Marant - wedge sneaker are hitting it big time. The trend has a very urban vibe, so if you are the type of girl that throws on a fresh pair of Nikes on a daily basis {clearly not me, unless I am going to the gym of course} this trend is likely perfect for you.

So my is verdicts clear… I am on the no end of the wedge sneaker debate. The question is, where do you stand? 

Marc By Marc Jacobs

Ash Bowie 

See By Chloe

Jeffrey Campbell

Ash Thelma

Ash Bowie

Marc by Marc Jacobs 

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