Men's Fashion Tips: The Look Of Layering

Walk down Fifth Avenue, Rodeo Drive or Bloor Street and I can guarantee you that there is one common trend amongst men - everyone one is layering. 

The bottom line is the smarter you layer, the smarter you look. So follow these simple steps and you will get noticed... that I can ensure.

Lighter Clothes First
Remember that t-shirt lying in the back of your closet. Grab that first.

Build The Layers
Next, choose a sweater that is light in material or a fitted dress shirt and layer it overtop of the t-shirt. Just make sure that your lighter pieces are put under your heavier ones. 

Add Color & Patterns
Try to branch out and add a pop of color to your ensemble - you have a whole palate to work from. Mix in a checked shirt rather than a plain white one, or a herringbone blazer instead of basic black. By mixing and matching colors and patterns, it will give you a masculine yet chic look.  

Spice Up Your Look
Accessorize your outfit by adding a great patterned tie or an awesome wool scarf to your ensemble. You could even add in a simple leather belt, a funky shoe, or a dark pair of jeans to complete your look. 

Choose The Right Materials
In order to stay comfortable and not ridiculously sweaty in your layered look, it is imperative that you choose the appropriate materials. Cotton and chambray in the warmer summer months, and wool, knits and cashmere in the wintertime. 

Now go on - try it!

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