Home Envy: Nantucket Beach Getaway

Maybe it's because I wore sandals to Starbucks this morning or possibly because I gallivanted around in just a tank top this weekend - either way, winters gone in my brain and the feeling of spring just keeps getting stronger. 

The idea of warmer weather always brings me back to one of my favorite destinations: Gorgeous Nantucket Island {off the coast of Cape Cod}. I visited this amazing retreat a couple years ago for a beautiful summer wedding and nearly fell in love. Classy. Sophisticated. Casual. Nantucket is all of the above.

I can honestly say that this wealthy islet is like no other place on earth. The decor and style of the homes are totally up my alley - shaker style cottages, long walks through the dunes leading up to the beach and rose bushes everywhere in sight. Sighhh!

The Nantucket beach house below {featured in Elle Decor} is the perfect balance of contemporary and casual beach style living. I love the mixture of gorgeous whites, luxurious fixtures and overall minimalist design. What a perfect spot to settle for your warmer months.

Happy Hump Day Friends. 

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